What happens during plant tour?

  • Factory Walk Through

    Students will have the experience to witness how TPencil and Li’l Hands Crayons are made.

    An AMSPEC tour guide will discuss the step by step process as they pass along the different production stages.

  • Hands-On Activity

    Students will get the chance to experience production work through our hands-on packaging activity.

  • Arts and Crafts Workshop

    Students together with their parents/guardians and teachers will have an arts and crafts workshop wherein they can try using different brands /products of AMSPEC. This activity also aims to promote child’s creativity as well as parent-child bonding through arts and crafts.

Who can participate in the plant tour?

  • Pre-school (3 years old and above)
  • Grade School (Grade 1-6)

What is the regular schedule of Plant tours?

Plant tour schedule happens from July – February, every Wednesdays to Fridays following the timeslots below:

Slot 1: 8:30 AM
Slot 2: 10:30 AM
Slot 1:1:00PM
Slot 2: 3:00PM

How to book for a plant tour?

Fill up the form below and send the accomplished form to

Click here to download the form.